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(posted on 3 Sep 2015)

Here I am 'naively' starting what I hope to be a stellar piece from a Flowering Plum cut down on Maitland Street in Victoria....

The wood had a built in 'orb' - How cool is that!

Trimming off the excess

Looking good so far......

At least I can hold it now....

Creating an even thinness using the calipers - and lots of chalk markings!

I am pretty good at filling cracks, but the cracks kept cracking and I filled them and they cracked again. Finally, after consulting two wood experts, I discover that plum is a very 'unstable' wood. The solution is to embrace the cracks and make them look like an intentional part of the sculpture.

Here is the solution - remove the glue from the crack and drill holes and insert black marbles, including one on the orb. Now the piece is 'all dressed up' - hence the name 'Plum Palooza' - It's ready to party hearty!

Today I applied the finish and the piece really came to life.