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oneTree Exhibit - Creating ''Embracing Elegance'


My 200 pound piece from 100 year old Maple Tree - Live Edge Design, Duncan, B.C.

Start counting at the bottom of the tree from left to right and my chunk of maple came from the 5th square (#24)

Watering the Wood to keep it from drying out and cracking. I want to sculpt this piece 'green'

Watering the Wood to keep it from drying out and cracking. I want to sculpt this piece 'green'


First Chainsaw Cut


Ta-Da Let's get started.....



Next chainsaw cut hit a spike under the bark (pink ribbon). When the bark was removed, there was another smaller nail about an inch away. Did someone nail 'Wanted' posters on this 100 year old tree?


The shape of the piece is outlined


Chainsawing excess off the outside....


See the spalting patterns...

Spalting is what I like to call 'the Raku of Nature'. Lines are formed by active fungus to form 'zone lines' that protect the colony from attack by bacteria, insects, etc. The fungus causes pigmented material of various colors and porosity.


Chainsawing the inside shape


Why don't I take this bit off the outside now too?


More intense chainsaw cuts...


Almost done...


Using Lancelot Blades to remove wood ...


More Me and Lancelot....


This is what the piece looks like now


%$#@%&**(&^%$$$$ !!!!

Another nail has appeared when shaping the outside. The piece is almost the finished thickness, so I break the nail off and sand the metal with the outside of the vessel. It's a feature of this 100 year old piece of wood that is now preserved.


Hand rasping to make it smoother. Spalted maple has varied textures and degrees of hardness through the piece, making a smooth finish challenging.


All Smiles! I can lift it up and hold it now


Checking the thickness with my custom calipers from Tennessee.


Multi-tasking.....I am blow drying the outside of the wood so it is dry enough to sand it.


WHEW! Awaiting its finish.


It now weighs a mere 8 pounds ! 

The Vessel with the wood and sawdust that was removed in its creation.


The tools used creating this sculpture....along with a lot of TLC and PATIENCE!


First swipe of finish - See how the color 'pops'


This wood is very dry. It is soaking up a lot of finish. (Wipe-On Poly)


Almost done!


'Embracing Elegance - Height 18” x Width 29” x Depth 13” 


View of Other Side of 'Embracing Elegance' (There is no 'front' or 'back' to a freeform sculpture)


Looking Within 'Embracing Elegance'

Me at the oneTree Exhibit opening 'Embracing Elegance'.  This amazing vessel is SOLD