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Merlayna, Your whale's tail in the 2017 One Tree exhibition was absolutely stunning, even more so because it was the first significant sculpture a visitor saw coming into the gallery! Beautiful, beautiful work, cousin! Wood is wood is wood - but Merlayna's is different. It has life. That piece has a rich sensuousness that makes the viewer want to embrace it. The love you have for the medium radiates from it........ Next time we get together for coffee, I'll wear my One Tree t-shirt. :) Brilliant work, Merlayna!
Valla - 15 Feb 2018
Very nice work Merlayna, the free form sculpture is sooooo nice.
Terry - 25 May 2015
I know you have more than 1 vote for "Peoples Choice" in Sydney. Congratulations, great work. Larry Martell
Larry Martell - 14 Oct 2012
Congrats Merlayna !! Your work is stunning as you are! Been a long time since I've seen your smile & sunny disposition but so happy you have achieved such success and more to come !! Hugs & hope to see you soon.
Linda Sweet - 21 Feb 2012
Superb creations! I was so pleased when I found you on the web so I could keep up with all your great work! I had heard it was wonderful and now I know it is beautiful! Thanks ya, Joan
Joan Halpenny Wilson - 28 Sep 2011
I just obtained a piece of your work and it is just beautiful. I looked you up and WOW! What a Website!Your work is beautiful.
Arlene Walker-Hall - 31 Aug 2011
Wow - I'm really impressed. what a gift you have! Angie Lessick (Jordan's Mom)
angie lessick - 8 May 2011
What an incredible gift you have been given. Thank you for sharing your website!
Rebecca Clarkson - 4 May 2011
Wow - what a gallery!! So happy to have a great piece of your work gracing our home!! You go girl! Sheila
Sheila Johnson - 4 May 2011
Merlayna, I am delighted that you have now found a way to share your incredible talent with those people who don't have the good fortune of being able to see them in person! Congratulations! Gail
Gail Aldrete - 3 May 2011
Congratulations, Merlayna, on your great website! Now we can finally keep up with what you are creating! Fantastic sculptures! Looking forward to enjoying more of your amazing creations! YOU GO GIRL!!!
Lorraine - 3 May 2011
At long last - and it's a website well worth waiting for! It looks fabulous and is just another indication of your tremendous talent in everything you do. The pictures are perfect, and give a great overview of the variety of your sculptures. Now we'll know what keeps you so busy all the time! Keep them coming! Cheers. Barb
Barb - 2 May 2011
Wow! Congratulations on your new website. Now the world can see what you create. You're doing great and you look so sexy in your mask! Love it! Cheers!
Marilyn (Maimie) - 2 May 2011
Mer, it's about time you found the way to share your work with the world! Never enough pictures, as far as I am concerned. Your work is amazing and I am so pleased that now so many other people will have a chance to appreciate your incredible artistry! Congrats on the new site. Mar.
Marilyn R - 2 May 2011
OUTSTANDING! LOVE the starfish.
DOTU - 2 May 2011
Great website featuring you and your work. Love it! What an incredible library of sculptures...... absolutely beautiful! Congrats and Best Wishes! Deb
Deb - 1 May 2011
I am so proud of you, my friend! What a lovely web site- I think a blog about your process and what your are working on would be terrific!! Your sculptures look fabulous and I love the photos of you in your mask!! Love you lots, D. oooxxx
Denise - 1 May 2011
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