Merlayna's West Coast Wood Sculptures
wood art sculptures & carvings

General Pricing Guideline

The following is a general pricing guideline for my art.  The price of each piece varies according to the type of wood and the design of the sculpture (e.g. how many HOURS did I spend sanding it!)

Small pieces (approx. 4" x 8" x 10")   $30 - $150

Whale Tail Bowls and Medium pieces (approx. 8" x 12" x 16")  $200 - $500

Large Pieces $900 - $1500

Dolphin Sculptures $500 - $1500

Show Calibre Pieces $1200 and up


The above is only to give you a general idea.  Not all pieces that seem expensive in the guideline above are actually that much, so if you like a piece, do email me at and I'll let you know the exact price.