Merlayna's West Coast Wood Sculptures
wood art sculptures & carvings

Merlayna creating a one-of-a-kind sculpture

About the Artist

                                                (Photo Courtesy of Roth and Ramberg Photography Inc.)


A wood sculptor from Victoria, B.C., Canada, I grew up in Saskatchewan, the daughter of a prairie grain farmer.  My love of the ocean has earned me the nickname 'the Prairie Dolphin'. 

My grandfather created stone jewellery and did lapidary work and my father was a self-taught sculptor of Brazilian steatite (commonly referred to as ’soapstone’).   Creativity with wood began with the purchase of two small carving knives (and cottonwood bark carving lessons) at a silent auction in 2001.  I then evolved to using power tools, including chain saws and angle grinders.  My style and expertise have developed from classes with J. Christopher White Brad Sells and Tevita Kunato as well as from my mentor and dear friend, Margaret (Peg) Lawrence, a superb wood sculptor from Washington state.

Should you ever travel on the British Columbia Ferry ’The Northern Expedition’, look for the permanent on-board display of Merlayna’s West Coast Wood Sculptures.

Freeform sculpting using driftwood and fallen trees is my passion. Each one of my pieces is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.