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(posted on 6 Apr 2016)

March 18, 2016

Victoria was subject to a tremendous windstorm on Sunday, March 13th and a 30" diameter Garry Oak Tree was uprooted in Playfair Park. A huge piece of the base of the trunk was able to be rolled down to friends' driveway adjacent to the park.

Here are my dogs and I sitting on the piece:

Now I'm tackling taking away a lot of the excess wood to get it to a size that can be moved to my studio:

After several hours over a two day period, the piece was light enough to be lifted into a car (with the help of two strong men!). Here is what it looks like now:

Burrowing down with this burr to make the inside of the base

After chainsawing off excess wood, it's starting to take shape

Nightey-Night! It gets filled with sawdust and wrapped in a blanket for overnight.

It's starting to look more graceful. Still some thinning to do and LOTS of sanding, sanding, sanding!