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(posted on 5 Mar 2016)

February 21, 2016 - This piece of maple was harvested from a fallen tree in Mechosin, BC several years ago. It was on a rural acreage and rumor has it that a 2nd 'Cougar Annie' lived there and that she shot at cougars when they came on her property. There wasn't a bullet in the wood, but there was a nail! (See blue spray paint below)

I chainsawed off the rough edges and started to sculpt the shape

Starting to 'go with the flow' of the wood

The piece is starting to come alive

I am anxious to get back out soon and allow this piece to proceed taking shape. This piece of maple has lots of burl and exciting grain patterns yet to be discovered.

On Saturday, February 21st I debulked and shaped this sculpture = a lot of sawdust!

It's now February 24th and I've spent several hours sanding, sanding, sanding and refining the shape. This is what this shell sculpture looks like now. Still have many hours of sanding to do to make it stellar and silky!

The top of the shell has been furled back to make it sleeker. The bottom centre has also been smoothed out.

UPDATE - It was decided that smooth and slick is more the protrusion at the bottom is gone now and after hours of sanding it's time to put the finish on: