Merlayna's West Coast Wood Sculptures
wood art sculptures & carvings


This creation is evolving from a Rocky Mountain Juniper Root


AFTER (See below for the creation process)


My challenge is to SIMPLIFY and STREAMLINE the piece. The sawed off piece on the bottom must blend with the sleekness of the sculpture.

The branch poking out on the right side is removed:

You can see two negative spaces in the photo above that I created with chainsaw plunge cuts.

The sawed off portion of the wood is starting to go with the flow of the piece. There was still a lot of shaping to create the magical movement that this stellar piece of Rocky Mountain Juniper Root deserves.

See how the colors 'pop' with the application of neutral shoe polish. This is my choice of finish for this wood as it maintains the pink and orange color of the Rocky Mountain Juniper.