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(posted on 3 Sep 2016)

November 8, 2015

A black locust tree was cut down in a neighboring yard and I was fortunate enough to obtain this piece:


After a major 'boo boo', this log as transformed into 'Golden Glow' pictured below


I chainsawed off one side to make the bottom of my vessel:

the color and grain is magnificent.

In keeping with the Halloween spirit, I had my chainsaw in on October 30th getting a new chain....the man stated "This is an Echo saw, with an Oregon bar with a Stihl chain = you have a Franken-saw!" LOL



I made 5 perfect chainsaw cuts down the outside of this unique vessel.....then......


WHOOPS! I chainsawed right through to the inside down by the bottom!

What to do?

Here's the idea.....completed the crooked chainsaw cut and will laminate a piece on to make it look like an 'intentional two piece' vessel:

The 'add-on' piece is now in my oven drying out before I glue it on and sculpt it to match the vessel.

Who says I don't bake?

Added Variegated Blue Leaf around the 'Seam' - Now the piece is 'Golden Glow'


Golden Glow in all it's glory!